The Canford GT

Customer Neil Plumpton recently commissioned his second classic Porsche restoration with Canford Classics; The Canford GT. 

The donor car is a 1972 Italian Porsche 911T. An original pre '73 911 so this is not a backdate. Unlike others there is no carbon or fibre glass here!

"I have decided to undertake another porsche restoration project as I love driving my 1971 911S so much. I have recently been driving a 2019 GT2 RS and a 2015 GT3 and they are so fast and they do everything for you. This has made me appreciate the manual air cooled cars even more. You cannot customise these new cars (apart from the colour and extras). With the GT project ,and with the help of Alan and Chris, I can personalise the car and make it into exactly the car I want it to be. It will be more powerful than the 911S so will be different, which is important as I still need to want to drive both cars. I love being involved in the project and that's what Canford Classics enable you to do." Neil Plumpton

The concept

To create the first ever bespoke Porsche 911 GT. A comfortable and functional cruiser "grand tourer". Designed to be driven, the brief is to achieve style and functionality. It will have the style and elegance of an early Porsche 911 with some of the luxuries and comfort of a modern day grand tourer. 

Colour: Dolphin Grey

Interior: Bespoke luxurious cork interior, combining rich leather with alcantara and wool carpets. 

Various special features including: Electric air conditioning and heating, third brake light inside rear roof vent, puddle lighting, long range fuel tank, original engine built to 2.5 spec but with twin turbo, and high butterfly induction.

For updates check it out on Instagram @canfordclassicsgt