Once you've decided that you want to start your Porsche restoration journey, the first step is for Alan, our founder, to inspect the car in person. If you can't get your car to us, he'll happily travel to you wherever you are.

The purpose of this phase is to assess whether all of the parts of the car are original and authentic.

If you want us to source you a Porsche to buy, this is also a possibility, just speak to Alan or Scott about your needs.



You'll get a report of findings to guide you with your Porsche restoration, detailing what level of work needs to be done, and the time it will take to do so. This is a guide price only because we never know what the full extent of work will be until we strip down the engine, gearbox and body. 

We work with you on the agreement and understanding that we'll communicate any changes as soon as we find them during the journey.



The next part of your Porsche restoration is the process of stripping everything back to its most simplistic part. In no particular order, the breaking down process is meticulously applied to the following areas:

- Engine
- Body
- Gearbox
- Interior

After this phase, we know more about the restoration project and can assess and advise what parts can be used, what will be reconditioned and what needs to be replaced on your Porsche.



- Bodywork, back to metal shell
- Engine/Gearbox, down to each bolt
- Finishing/Plating
- Suspension/Brakes
- Interior
- Paint Shell 



Once every part of your Porsche has been split down and repaired or replaced, we commence the 350 hour re-build - meticulously putting everything back together with obsessive attention to detail. 




Our exacting nature comes into its own post-build as we move into the testing phase. Our reputation for quality and performance has been enhanced by our thorough approach to testing EVERYTHING to ensure the your Porsche restoration is perfect. Yes we're realistic when it comes to getting a classic car 'perfect', but we like to think we get it as close as it can be when it leaves our workshop.




Once we're happy with the finish, safety and overall quality and appeal of your Porsche restoration, we hand the vehicle back to you. Ideally, we like to take you for a spin to show you around the car, and to also share in the sheer pleasure of driving your dream car! We'll send you off with a photographic book of the restoration and hope that this is the beginning of a long relationship, keeping the car in the best shape it can be in for years to come.