Total 911 features the RSR

We are delighted that Total 911 have featured one of our our full restorations - the RSR Tribute in their March issue 151. We absolutely love this car and are super proud that it has been given this coverage it deserves in this fine magazine.


“We all need to be a little bit OCD in this business,” says Alan Drayson, owner of Canford Classics. That much is evident if you’ve ever visited the firm’s premises in Winterborne Kingston, Dorset, the level of pride that goes into every build being clear. The latest demonstration of that is sitting idling outside in the late winter sun, an RSR build just completed for a customer. “It’s only got about 80 miles on its rebuilt engine,” adds Drayson, as we walk around the beautiful Signal Orange 911 RSR. Drayson admits Canford has never built an RSR before, and that it’s a bit different from the projects it would usually undertake. Over the year it’s taken to complete, though, they’ve really enjoyed it......