When Petrolicious came to shoot the Japanese Barn Find

Cast your mind back to last July. Luftgekuhlt came to the UK for its first ever meet. It was a disgustingly wet and windy day and yet hundreds of classic Porsche owners headed, in pilgrimage style, to Bicester Heritage to join in the fun. Amongst all the pristine Porsches was a car that stood out from the rest. Alan arrived in the Japanese barn find Targa (1972 Porsche 911) and from then on it became known as the Marmite car. While some gawped in horror at its rusty exterior, others "got it" and gave it the thumbs up on social media. Soon after the event we were contacted by a chap from Petrolicious who had seen the car at the event. He wanted to make a film about it and would we be interested. It took us all of a second to make our mind up. Fast forward to an overcast January day and the film was shot. It is due to be released on Tuesday 19th March so you can check it out then!