TLC Services

TLC Services

Machining Services

Engine case machining

Whether it's an oil by pass modification, shuffle pinning, installing case savers, or machining the spigot bores, Canford Classics offers a range of bespoke engine case machining services. Please contact us for prices and additional information.

Head work

Canford Classics can offer a full machining and rebuild service for your 911 heads. Including fitting valve seats and guides, twin plugging, machining the inlet/exhaust ports, machining around the combustion chamber and a general overhaul.

Throttle body refurbs & Intake stack machining*

Bodies are rebuilt with new bushes, brand new butterflies, steel parts are zinc plated, once detailed each body is refaced and then rebuilt. We can also machine them to other specifications. T bodies can be machined into S spec and so on, they can also be over sized. Stacks can be taper machined to suit eg 50mm down to 42mm.

*available for restorations only.

Carburettor rebuilds*

We make new bushes on the accelerator pump arm to ensure a perfect response, new oversized throttle shafts and new bushes. All inlets are spot faced for a perfect seal. They are rebuilt with a new gasket set and bench tested. We can also machine the venturi and enlarge the throat shaft if required, making new butterflies to suit.

*available for restorations only.

Engine and Gearbox Rebuilds

Our fully equipped in-house engine build department has extensive experience in all aspects of rebuilding air-cooled Porsche 911 engines and gearboxes.

Refurbishment & Finishing

Fixed price refurbishment services

Brake and suspension refurbishments available for your 911. 

Bespoke fabrication

During any full restoration it is sometimes necessary to fabricate bespoke parts. Close links to our suppliers means there are no delays if bespoke fabrication is required.

Metal finishing*

Metal Finishing: From blasting through to powder coating and polishing through to chrome, zinc or anodising Canford Classics can complete these works for you.

*available for restorations only

Trimming services

Porsche seats

From minor repairs through to full seat re-trims. We specialise in Recaro sport seats, refurbishing the tilting frames, using the correct hinge screws and re-painting the hinges.


Canford Classics can supply and fit a new headliner for your classic Porsche.  

Bodywork & repairs

Rust repairs

Rust is a major problem with any early 911. We undertake rust repair by stripping the car down to uncover the full extent of the problem, before undertaking any remedial work.


It is not just full restoration work that Canford Classics offers, we also undertake minor repairs and localised paint work in our state of the art Junair spray booth.